Our Research

Undergraduate Humanities Recruitment

We research successful strategies for engaging students in the humanities. We have issued three reports that detail the challenges faculty face in engaging students and successful models for overcoming these challenges.

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Ongoing Research

Building on our national Humanities Recruitment Surveys, we are researching strategies that broaden access to the humanities for historically-underrepresented student groups. We will be releasing a report on the results in early 2024. This work is supported by the Mellon Foundation.

With support from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, we are researching how undergraduate courses and programs that integrate learning across disparate fields help students see the value of a broad based, liberal arts education. A report is forthcoming in 2024.

Public Humanities in Higher Ed

The Humanities for All initiative identifies examples of public humanities scholarship in higher ed, documents the impact of that work, and researches the infrastructure that supports it. This work has benefited from the generous support of the Mellon Foundation.

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Ongoing Research

We are continuing our research on the campus-based infrastructure needed to support robust public humanities work. Our next phases of research are focused on funding structures and centers that support the public humanities. In addition, we continue to document examples of innovative work created in deep collaboration with community partners.

We are also editing the Companion to Publicly Engaged Scholarship, including 24 essays and a glossary of terms. The volume is edited by Michelle May-Curry and Daniel Fisher-Livne and is forthcoming from Routledge, Taylor, and Francis.

Impact of NEH Funding

Our NEH for All initiative researches the impact of National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) funding across the U.S. On NEHforAll.org, you can access information about the NEH’s national impacts, the geographic reach of NEH programs and initiatives, and individual profiles that highlight how NEH funding affects local communities.

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Local Impact of the Humanities

We are dedicated to understanding how the humanities enrich public life and equipping advocates with tools to make the case for more significant investment at the state and local levels. Our case studies shed light on the impact of humanities work in distinct U.S. communities, as well as the needs of under-resourced humanities organizations. Our research into state and local policies that support the humanities offers models for other communities.

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Research Partnerships

We partner with foundations, higher ed institutions, and cultural organizations to document the impact of their programs. We form these partnerships when our mission is aligned with those of the partner organizations and when the data can benefit both the partner organization and the broader humanities community.

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